If it wasn’t for You…

If it wasn’t for You…..


If it wasn’t for God,
I would have fought.

If it wasn’t for the Lord,
I would have taken
A stand.

If it wasn’t for the Benevolent,
I would have killed
A thousand times ;

With words only ;

I would’ve disposessed
Myself of my soul.

If it wasn’t for his
I would’ve fucked
Every living thing
Just to get a…sensation,
Just to feel alive.

Destruction liberates
Energy and junkified,
I would be on the
Street with a criminal

Yes darling God,
You have enlightened
Me, cherished me,
Fostered me.

You showed me
The art of war
When needed,

You showed
Me Love,

You took me
By the hand
When lost
In the fog
I couldn’t
Make out
The contours
Of the light house.

You took me
Inside of you,

And you just
Don’t want to let go,
Do you ?

In your presence,
Fire has no heat,
And the rawest
Of hells becomes

Whatever people
May think, see
And understand.

There’s one last thing :
We’re promised to
See you on the End day,
Will you keep some
Shade for me ?

Your Face
Is all I desire,

I can see it sometimes
When the sky is pure
And high at night,

And sometimes
A smile between
Two stars.





All rights reserved. 2018.