Opinion : medical practice

Opinion : medical practice


It seems that the bottom of the medical trade lies in scaring the patient. I mean, most doctors have a way to get to you that is taunting. In a state of weakness, one can easily make you lose trust in yourself, the most precious and rational thing you own. The explanation is simple : state of weakness inspires either pity, consolation, or fear. The thing is , the more you scare a patient, the more he’ll come back. That’s an easy and dishonest trade. I found one single doctor who looks at me differently and treats me warmly. His confidence flows in me at each visit, although it’s never for a happy occasion. I’ve seen people destroyed by the kind of medical practice mentioned above, the scary one. Objectivity and neutrality casts such a spell that any positivity is deactivated. Patients are not necessarily complaining all the time, they can even sometimes find the strength inside of themselves to sublime the pain into a state of happy control, acceptance, and ignoring people’s looks or the narrow social conventions surrounding them and some obscure medical deantology. Like I said, the methods used makes it an easy trade, who can resist? Those who have at heart the complete well being of someone else, in other words, love and desire. Once the shock of first pains is past, everything becomes possible. React, don’t let them get you down ! I wish you all a serene and prospere life, without sickness and pain.


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