Modern pirate’s oath – K.B

Modern pirate’s oath

I answer to no one
But myself ;
Nor the state,
Nor God ;
Nor the administration,
Nor my parents;
Nor my brother either.
I’m self sufficient
In my poetical world.

Tonight I burnt
Pages from the
Holy book.

It felt good.
To take vengeance.

On all the misery
It brought to mankind.

I look forward
To build a bigger
Fire with more

What is it
When people
Die and suffer?

What is it worth
When mankind
Is in disgrace ?

I won’t justify

But it felt
To see the holy
Book burn.

I answer to

If someone
Needs a service ,
I don’t care wether
He’s a criminal,
A rich fuck,
A lesbian,
An ethnic
A dealer,
A whore,
A handicapped,
A killer,

I don’t need to know
Wether he deserves
What happens to him
Or her.

I will pray
On the tombs
Of the suicidal,

I will honor
The jew
As much
As the palestinian,

As long as they need
Something from me.

I will assist the euthanasial
To die,

(In due legal form)

I will assist the suicidary
If it is his desire
(In due legal form)

What do I know
Of their lives,

What do I know
Of the secrets
Of their hearts?

I will conquer
The heart of anybody
As long as he treats me

I will not pay attention
To what people say,

Except if it gets
In the way
And if it is
Not appreciated
By the closest people.

There it is,
I shut the closet.

There’s a man
Hanging inside,

It is my old self.

Fire purifies,
I am,

With each
Stage of life,
A new policy.




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