Blood in the morning – K.B

No,no, this is not a cosy wake up poem….


Blood in the morning



Early café in my café,
The beautiful waitress
Looks at me.
I’ve transcended
And poised
And quiet,
I set my hand
Under my jaw
The eyes full
Of joy ;

She gave me
A warm smile ;

The last crazy assholes
Of the night
Were finishing their beer;

One of them
Was totally disturbed;
Speaking fast of non sense
Until he was told to shut up
By everyone ;

He went out ;
He was taken
To the bus station;

Their, he hit a guy
Who came back running
To the café ;

His jaw was in blood;
A guy went with him
To catch the agressor;

And that’s how it was…
A bloody morning.


All rights reserved. 2018.