The newborn : crazy and alienated world – K.B

Happy new year folks. My resolution for this year is to become a child again.


The newborn : crazy and alienated world



A newborn
Is like a drop
Of clear
In the ocean
Of Life.

His clear blue eyes
Look like he comes
From another world.

With time,
They harden,
With time,
They don’t
Marvel at things
With time,
He is cross
When he looks
At things,
His parents,
His friends.

He dreams
Of being
The king of
The world,

What if it is

No, that
Idea can only
Be wrong.

There ain’t
No other possibilities

But with time,
His eyes sparkle
With hate,
With time,
He has wrinkles,
A defeated look,
A resignated
And sad gaze.
With time,
He has no faith
With time,
He ain’t innocent
With time,
He has murderous
Severe and trash
When no one’s around.
With time,
He doesn’t talk.
The meaningless
Soup took all
His senses out.
With time,
He loses hope,
They grow
Dark blue.
With time,
They don’t
Meat love,
With time
They grow

That at one
Point ,

He was a but
A newborn…

The eyes
Are the mirors
Of the soul.

But the make up
And all that’s made
Up doesn’t let them




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