The power of despair – K.B

There are no safe spot around here, they keep on swearing 24/7…yey 😩


The power of despair


Nothing stands in the light
Of faith, nor brother,
Nor mother, nor father,
Nor friends.

Hands of killers,
Snake speech,
They are
My daily executioners
Because I bear the light.
They already tried to kill
Me without knowing,
Sent by the devil
Against a new religion.
My spiritual activity
Is dying because of
Their mediocrity,
Foul activities
Polluting the incense
Of my heart.
Being around
A fool makes of
Me a fool.
Nor prayers,
Nor donations
Were fruitful.
They want to kill
The light with their
Actions and they
Keep standing in
The way,
The uncivilized kind,
The unfair fight,
The stabbing
In the back
And so forth
And so on.

I got nowhere
To go,
I cannot protest,
The food,
The landlord,
And the poor

Demons and
Are lurking.

Nothing stands
In the way of faith,
Nor family bonds,
Nor friends ,
Nor lovers ( even worse).

They will always try to get
At me with their « good »
Their job is  » peace ».

This is my powerless

In a situation where
I get stoned for what
I am and my beliefs.

I have no more strength,
I thought that sunset
Was for the best,
I once set my sails
But now,
It’s too late.




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