Vice city – K.B

Vice city



The city is alive
With spirits.

The other day,
I was out
Of an appointment,

Walking on my street
Full of love
After creating
A few poems
And there comes
My neighbour,
Right on me.

Out of nowhere,
His lady friend
Comes along.

An old weird lady
That he wants
To put with me
For a drink
Because she’s

The thriller
Is only beginning.

Early in the day,
A spanish woman
That I know takes
The bus with me.

She doesn’t stop

Everywhere I went
That day,
I was surrounded
By luscious ladies,
Young and old,
And non desirable.

I’m telling this
Story because
I’d like to be left
At peace.

I’ve known
And I’m proud
To be a bachelor.

I have time
For myself now.

One night stands
Are easy to find,
And that’s all I need.

I never felt more free
In my whole life,

Free of tasting
New pleasures

Free of succeeding
In my projects

Free to walk at my

Whomever I cross
Path with
Doesn’t last,

The journey
Is wide
And vast.

This is
K unchained.



All rights reserved. 2019.