I dream – K.B

 I dream



O nightingale !
How oft has your
Sweet song
Kept me company
In the lofty air

At the end of summer.

I would date my girl

And get spoiled
On chocolate cake

And heavy love

Hand in hand,
We had a blessing

That still lives
Inside of me.

I don’t know
About you.

How oft,
O night air,
O nightingale,

Would our talks
last all night

A divinity
Came to
See me

And bent
On my sheets.

O Nightingale !
How oft you have
Kept me company.

Our days were
Made of liquor

Because tonight
I dream,

My day

Was filled
With sunshine
And peace,

And longing,
And love,

And the sun’s

O nightingale !
How oft you have
Kept me company.

These images
Never die
Nor fade,

I’ll take them
With me
Wherever I go.



Copyright K.B