You sublime white girl – K.B

You sublime white girl.


You sublime white girl,
You seem to be
Coming out
Of a Renaissance
Painting ;

The thick thighs
And that curb
That I’ve touched
Only on sculptures ;
That curb leading
To the gentle organ
Where my favourite
Key gives birth
To symphonies,
Smelling the Ah
And the Oh.

Sprinkles of stone
Are jumping away
Under my hands
To break the ice
And polish
The shape
Inside .

Sprinkles of
A smile
Are appearing
On your face
As you hesistate
To enter the
Domain of
Love with me.

Is he trustworthy?

O Sublime woman,
Young and cold,
Barely twenty,

The window was open
And was letting some
Cold air.

Like a falling leaf,
It did caress your
Skin .

My fingers left no

Like my fading footsteps
Back home.

But the music we shared
And the many cigarettes
Were enough to lighten
Our senses and bring
Some loving,

For a moment
Before reality
Crept back in.

You sublime girl,
Do you know
How hard it is
To get to you?

At the end of the
Luminous Path,

There was you,

While chaos
Was magically
Around your

And the gate
To mine eyes

In the middle
Of that pool
Of peace.

Take off
Your belt
Take off your

And let me
Massage your
Square shoulders.

The rare smiles
Were encouraging,
You sublime girl.

But after a while,
The whirling colors
Around your place
Were slowly fading,

So I put my rags
On me shoulders

And with the pace
Of the conqueror,

I got back to my

Not to mention
The appeased
Body and night
In your arms.

Farewell !

Farewell !






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