The mocked benefactor – K.B

People quarel even when good is at stake….

Such a beauteous human and common condition….

Therefore, I leave your fight….


The mocked benefactor


Help, help
Cries the sick

Here is some

No , I don’t
Want it .

Why are you
Helping him?

Shut the fuck
Up benefactor.

You won’t even
Get a good meal
For your good

You will feed
On tumult
And anger
And become
Like them

The cries
Of people
Below are

You can smell
The burnt flesh
In bïllows of smoke.

But, I’m staying
On my mountain

Too many times
Cries of help
Got me stuck
In worse situations.

It makes you humble
But sometimes it’s
So gross
That you better stay up

People are so mad,
That they are jealous
Of anything

Even when you do

Therefore brother,
Stay in your shit,

I wanna forget
About vengeance
And anger,

Seed to all evil.

You don’t deserve
To be saved.

All your actions.
Are for yourself,

Never for God,
Or in his name.

It blackens
My heart
To stay
Among you,

And beg and endure
For a favor that the heights
Decuplates !






All rights reserved. 2019.



Incredible low and filthy, les salauds, ils déchirent le paradis !