May God enlighten you – K.B

May God enlighten you


May God enlighten you
And set you back on his path,
Father, you’re playing the lottery
Mom, you have no desire,
Brother, you love your reflection,
Friend, you got lost in rebellion
And you’re nowhere.

May God enlighten you
And set you back
On his path,

Everytime I see ’em all,
I get a disease.
There is only one light.

They practise magic
And life seems more

They talk of principles
But they sold themselves
To the Devil.

A light on the hill !

My face rises
On the horizon
With the end
Of times.

Now they got
Me enthralled
And they shut
Me with kisses

I can feel
The pain
Of the daemons
Trying to turn me

I can sense
The invisible
Woman torn between
Desire and reality

What is real ?

They seem to have
Deep issues on the
Nature of life,

But it’s too late

The pain of
The daemon
Is trying turn
Me away
From the
Face of God.

The more you
The more they
Bewitch you,

O filthy world !

My words are
A weapon
Against corruption

May I please God
And no other

Can you feel
The pain
For not following
Your filthy master ?

Fingers point
At you
Coz you’re
More pure,

But truth is,
A little benefit
Can ease it down,

May I please God
And only God.

Done with playing
Charms to shitting
Humans with no
Sense of dignity,
Or religious

They never
Get there

To the truth.

It has to be served
To them.

By me sometimes,
By other beautiful
People too,

Often believers.

Vice is pulling,
They want you
In the end
To sell your soul
To the Devil
And give him
A dominion
On you,

To lead you

Far from
And closer to

Remains one
Enigma :

Is the Kingdom
Of God possible
On earth ?

They mistake
Your intentions
In their own

Far from the truth
Of God they are !

Poor judgement !




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