I was in pain – K.B

I was in pain

I was in pain
I had to scream
I had to squeal
I had to roar
I had to break
I had to hit doors
And wake up
I had to slam
My fist
On the tables
I had to insult
I had to boast
I had to howl
I had to holler
I had to be hollow
Eyes for a day
I had to let it out
I had to keep looking
For love

The day is over
And I’m appeased

Jesus didn’t
Come on
Some cloud
To make everything

I had to hit the keys
On my piano
So that life
Comes back
In a triumph
Of love

I had to break
Myself into pieces
And dive deep
Into misery
Without losing
The thread

I have to,
I had to keep
Going on

Even if it wasn’t
On winged chariot
Eating peanuts
And reading
About crazy prophecies

That’s what makes me

For my own sake.



All rights reserved. 2019.


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