Lost lives – K.B

Lost lives



There was a dream
Of health and vitality,
A broken dream
That hangs out
In dark alleys now ;
Injecting himself heroin
Through his eyeballs
To trigger appetite;
Dancing with daemons
At night,
Forgetting about
God who is always
Lurking with a stick
To break more
I’m on low frequency
Listening to howing creatures
While Mom is away,
This quest of desire
Never stops,
Of almightiness
On myself and
What surrounds
Me and it makes
Me sick;
I’d like to unzip,
Sink in a sea of
Finally saved by love ;
Endless lines of cocks
And cocaine,
Go high,
And higher
Without falling.
I crave for a real
Not this conventional
Thing where all is price
Tagged in front of the faces
Of the less fortunate.




All rights reserved. 2019.