Love poem : « Our first night » – K.B


Our first night



How can I forget ?
You were waiting
For me outside
On a bench.

I walked towards
You and sat beside

We then naturally
Like kids.

We were total
But no words
Were needed.

I liked your short
Hair and your
Amazing beauty.

For a week
You supported me
As I did with you.

Two years later,
We met again,

Much changed.
We kept a little
Magic in our hearts.

I don’t know what
They did to you.

But that week
Was solace.

You kissed me
Every morning
Before running.

We hid to exchange
Our temporary

Leila was your name,
And like in Aladdin,
You had all the attributes
Of a princess.

You had a womanly
Body and a kindness
I had never met before.

Be safe, Leila.





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