Luciferian rituals – K.B

Luciferian rituals



They spread
Their disease
To every living

Have sex
Don’t make

That’s what
Separates me
From you,

My love.

They’ve brought
Daemons into this

I know.

They’ve created
A system where
We’re too sleepy
To free ourselves,

Enslaved to

I know.

It relies on sex,
Drugs, alcohol,
To disturb
The abilities
Of the brain.

The daemons
Have become
So anchored
In this world
Because of the
Daemons they
Brought in,

Because of the
System they designed
Where we obey to them,

Because of their inherited
Money and power,

Because of the luciferian
Pleasures they can allow
Themselves with no
Concern to this world,

Leaving the rest of the
Population in HELL.

One day, they’ll
Pay for their wars,
Their arm selling,
The orphaned,
The displaced,
The lobotomised
Parents persecuting

They’ll pay for this
Sour hardware
They implanted
In people’s mind
Just so they can
Enjoy themselves
And get addicted
To power.

Not an ounce
Of compassion,

I’ll make them
Pay , this poem
Is step.

They have enslaved
Us to Satan
But my mind’s wide

As we’re losing our
Humanity in fucks,
Parties, alcohol,
Hype, jet set…
Cheap drugs..

I’ll have some
Green tea
At every dawn
To contemplate
From the heights
Of God what they
Have done to us…
Daemons, free masons,
And luciferian rituals
Spread to the population.

It is no mystery
For a real muslim,

The next religion
To bring down,

Its historical places
In war plagued middle

It’s holy land
Kept by corrupted
Leaders working
For the U.S
And Israel….





All rights reserved. 2019.