Seering togetherness – K.B

Seering togetherness



In a palace of light,
I remain with you.

I ride horses faster
Than light.

In a palace of light,
I remain with you,

Waiting for your
Hand to join

In a palace of light,
I escape from
The jungle

Or rather,

I fly in the sky.

In a palace of light,
There is only
Me and you,

Ardor and grace,
Shiny armors
Made by David,

Of predecessors
Where their presence
Is still sitting
In a palace of light.

Body and mind
All together,
You give me
And love,

Sweet liqors
And favors.
You leave me
But i keep
On waiting.

You disappear
And I’m sad.

You are the living,
The quiet face
Of my relatives
The laugh of
My dad

The energy of cosmos,
The well arranged

We have to reach out
To you constantly.

You hide in the good
Words and the good

In these moments
Of movement
I blind my intellect
To contemplate
Your face,

O sublime !






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