Moments of loneliness – K. B

Moments of loneliness

Moments of loneliness,
How dear they were !

My poems are
Stolen glances
With elegance

Of a waitress rearranging
Her hair when nobody’ s watching

Of kids playing ball

Of the sweet scent
Of fried sea food
At the edge of

Of anything that makes us
Human enough.

Look, robots!

Sir, you’re deconnecting
From reality.

What ails thee, high
Perched glasses?

Isn’t your tong parched
From thirst?

Have you heard about
Taking some distance

And come back at dinner?

Especially if you’ve uncovered
Some civil horror?

And therefore decided
To go on exile

Just to breathe
Some pure air,
Eat healthy,
Spend time
In good company,
Free oneself from


K. B

All rights Deserved.

Moments of illness, they said…