Bald white supremacist – K. B

Bald white supremacist

He came in,
Eyes burning,
Treating everyone
Like servants ;

Walking like
A pantomime
With vanity.

He started
Talking about
His resolutions
Like they were
Some governmental

Brought up
In Africa,
He hates
Arabs and
Black people
But he’s as dumb
As a fingertoe,

Enroled himself in some
Extremist youth movements
Voluntarily at an early age.

He never changed his
Hardware wired
To fascism.

Now he’s hiding
Behind social care.

He’s mute forever
But he still walks
Like a pantomime
Progreammed for

And his friend
Followed his footsteps..

With the big toe

Leaving a trace…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.