Who will stand ? – K.B

Who will stand ?


Who will stand to tell the truth
About Islam and capitalism,
This magnificent wedding
Between two totally opposed
Systems ?

One speaks about charity,
About sayin the truth,
About helping your brother
And those in need,
About feeding the poor,
About respecting women
( yes, yes, it does)
And neigboors,
About lending a hand,
About aiming for good to oneself.

The other says:
Crush your brother
Earn as much money
As possible
Compete to be the best
( but in the eyes of who?)
Close your door,
Let the streets be infested
With hobos
Don’t love, don’t give,
Keep everything for yourself,
Make tricky plans, cheat subtly,
Lie a lot.

I tried to stand up
For the first system,
But I got crushed.

My acts of generosity
Are seen as madness,
I hide them.

Me talking to the homeless
Tryin to help
Is not well seen.

Anything I do…Basically.

When the two threads
Will be separated,

When each system will either
Collapse or find its way…

I will be free,
Free from my conscience…
Throwing a stone in the pond,

Call me schizophrenic.




All rights reserved. 2019.