For the people of faith, Viva! – K. B

« They » think art requires no discipline, and unexistant ethics.

« Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars! »


For the people of faith, Viva  

I seen the slugs crawl
On the ground
For an ounce of glory,
Worse, money!

For the people of faith,
There will be hope,
Coz, who knows your
Life better than yourself?

Yes, I do exist.
Put your sleezy
Look in your pocket!

The wind carries
And if they try
To convince
You otherwise,

Just groove,

It’s not made
For hungry people!

The kinda greed
The kinda madness

Sometimes I howl
But I’ll state it clearly :
Shine the light!
It’s free!

The Lord looks down
On every life,
Whatever the means
You have,
Whomever you are
Whatever your past,
His embrace is the

They’ve gone astray,
Missed their gig,
I got a few kind words
In return,
Acid laughs
And still alive!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.


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