Sunni orthodoxy – K.B

Sunni orthodoxy



They base religion
On exclusion

But I got a heart
For the worthy.

You see them coming
Because they are generous
And don’t ask anything
In return.

I have a heart for the
Humanity used
To be undignified
And unworthy of

This is not sedition,
Just a reminder
That Judgment day
Is real,

May your heart
Not feel anguish.

This is not division,
A mere reminder
Of the after life,
Of charity
And Love,
And kindness
With my muslim

But who is a muslim?
I am no authority,
But if the light
Is taken from your eye,
If you feel that you are
Disrupted inside,
Go face to face to
The ground
And pray the only

It is no humiliation,
Submission is the key
To understand the living,
A mere moment of

….specks in the universe
We are.


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