The curse of the homeless – K. B

The curse of the homeless

Sirens blaring.
The homeless
The speakers are loud.
« Sir, you cannot stay there,
Please leave the grounds ».

Sirens blaring,
His only crime
Was to trade
Everything for love.

He used to live
In a lonely
Watchin tv,
Eating steaks
After work.

He got so bored
He started watchin
Shows about cosmos.

He looked at the stars
And went on the road,

Back to his parents home
Where even his mother
Had sirens on the head,
Bloody cops everywhere!

But sirens of the
Well thought and
Trained world
Kept on blarin’.

« Sir, you cannot
Stay there,
Please leave
The grounds ».

You gotta be
Selfish and hard
Although they dream
Of Eating their own
Soap in the bathroom.

« Sir, please leave the grounds »
You scum,
Sirens kept on blaring.

He was living in a tent
In the park,

Growing his own food
Making his own coffee
Far from cosmetics.

And as he was searching
For peace and truth
Sirens kept on blaring…

The reality bug.

Is there a place
For a believer
In this universe?

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.