Mutiny – K.B



The captain forgot
To pay the drinks, ay !

The sailors
Are mutinous,
It’s getting out
Of hand !

They won’t sail.

Captain, I’ve given
You my loyalty,
But if you can’t keep
The men together,
I’m hereby obliged
To leave the deck.

His dark eyes looked
At me,
He hasn’t had sleep
For days,
With his knife
And a locked

He couldn’t say the words,
I left with a warm memory
Of what our ship used to be,
To another destination.

I hope, I hope,
The he won’t get killed
But there’s nothing more
I can do.

The bright sun
Is already so

The ship was sinking,
That’s for sure.

Do they all sail
For drinks
And women ?

As for me,
The azure path
Rested my eyes for
A while.






All rights reserved. 2019.