Chained to the desk – K.B

Empty as a bean’s bag.


Chained to the desk


Heavy chains lingering
On my souls,
Security and boredom,
Unsafe or turmoil,
That’s the good life
As he says,
Stupid rays.

He seems to like
It ,
To be a tortionary,
Ain’t no pictionnary.

I thought of myself
As a visionary
But when the spots
Shut down,

Back to my depression
The long days without
Water of freshness
In my heart,
Il cuor.

I sent them away,
Embarassing groupies
With no education,
Only drug addiction
Unrest and bipolar

I sent them away
Parents with no consideration
Despite our kinship,
I’d rather live in courtship
Endlessly wooeing,
Feasting and drinking !

I sent them away,
Out of the devil’s
I dreamt of a steak
With fries,
Then checked my bank
Account, empty !

And the billionaire
In the sky keeps
On inflicting
His heavy dick
In my ass !






All rights reserved. 2019.