Distress ? Business ! – K.B

Social order….a joke ! A bad one.

Coz you know, they gotta survive, aka making a living, out of distress..


Distress ? Business !



Distress? Business !
Money falling
On the counter !

The same clients
Keep on coming back
Without knowing why,
But the guys behind
The counter,
They sure know.

Those guys :

Clients : Distress.

Object : Business.

In the end,
The same people
Run in hospitals.

They don’t want
You healed,
It’s too profitable.

Just check out
Their methods,
With their words,
They push the knife

You bleed more
You’ll come back
For sure !

The more the suffering
Lasts, the better,
Not all of them,
But a lot of them,
They’ll never set
You free,

Coz you’re a cash cow !

Do you know how much they
Earn when human candor
Is priceless ?

Yes, help fellow humans,
But for free !

How can you tax
Someone in distress,
Hello , where’s the
Common sense?

I’ll tell ya , pal :
Deeply interred
With security
Public order,
Money gambling,
And….Distress !

Distress ? Business !




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