Fear climate – K.B

Fear climate


Fucked up world
For sure,
Build a bubble
Surrender to

We think we know,
We don’t.

Mankind is almost
Unworthy of mention.

Caught up in futilities,
We forgot the art
Of joy,
Paralysed by fear.

There goes the hurt,
My eyes are tired
Of the same hypocrisy
Entramelled with
The face of puritanical
Excision of pleasure.

That’s the infection
Of judeo christianity :
Tragedy and drama.

That’s the infection of
Money : selling paper
At the cost of obscene
And wrong information.

That’s the cost of staging
News : they are mostly fake
And made to create
A climate of fear.

That’s the denial
Of our human condition :
Moses killed a man
And was nonetheless
A prophet.

When will the true

Mass murderers

Called « heads of state

At war » pay for their

Crimes ?

Those are the ones

That should be behind


They are mostly

At the bar discussing

Joyously further operations,

Too self important for the

Common man.




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