Theophany – K.B




In every drop,
A sign.

In every anger,
The seed of happiness.

In every eyes,
The same despair.

In every strength,
A weakness.

In every weakness,
A strength.

« O what ails thee,
Knight at arms,
Alone and palely
The sedge has withered
From the lake and no birds
Sing. »


O what ails thee,
Modern man,
Alone and
Lonely in creation,
Arrogant and unwelcoming,
Lacking warmth and empathy?

The junkies took their fix
And no thought flies by.

In every wave,
A caress,
The rock is
Love resisting
To the test of
And elements .

A joy, maybe,
Lies in the end.

What better retribution?




All rights reserved.2019.



« And the believer doesn’t suffer
From sadness ».