They say lovin’s too bad – K.B

They say lovin’s too bad


They say lovin’s too bad,
The mass got hurt.
The collective unconsciousness
Is gettin tainted,
Did you hear the windows exploding?

They say lovin’s too bad,
Ain’t see no bird
Of paradise around,
It’s true.

Sometimes I write
When the sun
Comes back,
I’m taken aback,
Isn’t life wonderful?
I start singing.

Why all this tumult?
O Grecian
And divine
Please drive
The sun around.

Poets of depresssion,
Austere studies
And consuming
Lack of affection,
Fucked up
Minds spreading
Fake news
And insanity,
They’re lurking.

Can’t say I’m better,
Someone has to tell
Me Or pay me 2 bucks
Of reason.

As we’re trying
To cure ourselves
From the madness

We’re falling too,
Legions of good
Souls that swore
Allegiance to eachother.

Never too high,
Never too low,

We made a religion
Out of suffering
Because we forgot
About happiness
After childhood.

I’m just telling
My truth,

Selling myself
On a booth too.





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