Hell below – K.B

Hell below



Chit chat,
They keep

The crazy
Guitar player
Worked all summer
Only to cry
The day before
The jam,
Apeased by the sound
Of music.

Chit chat ,
They keep on
They keep on
I took flight
Before the fight.

Chit chat
They keep
On chatting,
The rapist was there
Too with his instruments.

Chit chat ,they keep
On chatting,
He called his dealer
For two grams.

Chit chat ,they keep
On chatting,
An invitation
Was thrown
To compare
Our resumes.

Chit chat
I can’t eat,
Bloody demons
Blocking my teeth.

I’ll surely end up
Attached to a bed
With some injections
To quiet me down
Coz I’m wide awake
To the world.

Chit chat,
Keep the charts
You never know.

Chit chat ,
I opened up
My heart in
A nest of snakes,
Hush, hiss,
Chit chat.
Have a kit kat.
Or a kitty cat
Purring in your
Lap while it pours
Stormy weather
And all,
No more chit chat.

Flemish girls are hot
But I ain’t answering,
Keeping my bachelor
Sickness inside
All for myself
To cure.


All rights reserved. 2019.