He spends time breaking people and stuff – K.B

He spends time breaking people and stuff



He broke my will
He got at me deep.

We had made an unbreakable
Vow not to hurt eachother.

The impulse was stronger,
It hit like a wave in a game
Of tenderness
Where he showed his cards
At the end
When I let my guard down.

Unprotected, his foul wind
Crossed my land leaving
But burning plants.

Such is uncontrolled

He turned his face
Away with his finger
Pointing and cursing
And swearing and yelling.

He broke the harmony
In me , my voice couldn’t
Get through.
It was blocked in my throat.

Now I get it. He cracked me
Open with his flattering
And he made a bridge
Of energy to feed on me.

Drunk with his own
Ridiculous megalomaniac power,
He broke the harmony,
And as we have no
Superviser or authority,
No one could get to him,
Angry spoilt kid
Spreading destruction
Around him.





All rights reserved.2019.