Mindfulness – K.B



Spring has come
And poetry
No longer flows
Fog in the mind
An assumed loneliness
And no food at the
The last rays
Of light are being
Engulfed by a black
Hole at the center
Of the galaxy
The dream is
No one will come
Nor knowledge
Nor well being
On the brink
How much can I expect?
I discovered lately that
Some things make me still
Dream, I was dreamless
For a long time
I thought only suffering
Could encompass
The whole true science
I hit the wall of monetheistic
And now believing I am
Gone, I am still here
Why can’t I jump
In a spaceship
And make wonderful
Things happen?
If you exist,
Could you
Please show
Yourself to us?
In my soberness,
A thing appeared
In the sky
And I scanned it’s
Light and it wasn’t
From this earth,
The coincidence
Is too true
As I’m steadily
Losing faith
In those theories.
Are you there?
Hello !





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