Hymn : my tender tough life – K.B

Hymn : My tender tough life


Hood on,
3, 4.
Paradise is under
The feet of mom
Dad is so kind
Now they all
Went asleep
I left the dog
In the kitchen
And escaped
Back to the
The writer’s office.

Our voices are
Somewhere heard.
The day has been full
Of blessings once
The money
Came in and out,
O Abandoned dream
Of reform
But not of writing.
Our words
Are tough
But they tell
The truth
Our words
Are harsh
But crows
Are even worse
Went in and
Out from my
Pierced heart
Help thy brother
Even if it costs
But being away
From myself
Calming a hysterical
Female is not in my plan
Sacrifce the pure joy
Of being oneself
Till the end
Till the glory
Of the days
Makes sense
Till the showering
And towering sky
Sends peace in

I slept with beasts,
Saw the worst
And lesser intelligence
But deep in my heart
The hymn won’t cease,
The hymn of the rain,
Of water, of abundance
And sufficiency.




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