Alone facing destiny – K. B

Alone facing destiny

The burden on my shoulders
Is heavy
Demons everywhere
I shiver and tremble
As poetry is not going
Through to reach
Hearts and bring on change.
People think and talk a lot
I wish to be alone in this bubble
To not hear and not see
To take some rest
From the mad world
Alone facing destiny
Everything is so fragile
This little frail bark
Called family is heading
Somewhere but I don’t
Know where
Can we find a bit of that
Stillness we had before
That mute love feeding
My heart without entering
Any rage nor be mad at
They gave us shark teeth
And told us to bite hard
At anything human
But since that time
We’ve taken up arms
To plant new seeds
To create a movement
That swells like a tide
To overthrow this unfair
System, this world of
Inequity with no justice
Our strength is limited,
Maybe the almighty
Will lend us some.
Night terrors
And absent lovers
No blues tonight
Only meditation
Creating a path
Of light to join
The sky
And walk the alleys
On top of the world
Only to see better

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.