Moment of love – K.B

Moment of love


Never mind time,
In your arms it doesn’t

You have a flower
In your mouth
And plenty near
The bed.

You asked for a red rose.
I’ll bring you some.

When eye to eye,
You said you loved

You would have fun
With my curly hair
And smile all the time.

When you took off
Your shirt, I was in heaven.
I was looking at a Venus
From eastern countries.

Milo…too poor to speak
Of you.

As we shared a moment
Of love,
You sat and bent
Your back
As if suffering
From something..

I then whispered in your
Ear that I would come
Back, with a red rose.

And you brightened again,
Me guessing the source
Of your pain of these
Ephemeral encounters
But that leave a trace
For sure.

You kept on saying
« Romantic »
As if not believing your
Yes, I am a romantic.




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