Chewing gum on an empty stomach – K.B

Do they even see, feel, hear, understand ?

Nope : Deaf, dumb and blind.


Chewing gum on an empty stomach


Sugar is triggered.
The acids whirl
In my empty stomach
As the head is spinning
With laughter and madness.
Only the body is resting
On the matrass.
Many paradises revolve
Around me but I don’t seem
To be close any of them.
Yes, paradise has a
Guarded fence.
I thought of it
As immaculate
And unatteinable by
The guardians are
Hard working
Men who
Have no understanding
Of my situation.
Two steps away,
There is a paradise.
But it’s guarded
And I’m too weak
To go ask or steal.
Kind words,
I got plenty of them
Because they are easy.
They disappear once
I got something earned,
Strange too.
I don’t how long
I can hold on,
But it won’t be




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