Here I am – K.B


If Miro made it, maybe I will.



Here I am



Here I am,
Lying on the ground
WIth a taste of dust,
And piss and shit
From demons.

The wind
Keeps on
Like a candle
In the night.

Now, true intentions
Are out :
Mom won’t help
Until you explode.
Dad is becoming
The neighboors
Are fighting.
I don’t have a nickel
Or a dime,
A few cigarettes
To the most
With Soda.

I waited all day long
Soon, they’ll snatch
The little I have in
My pocket too.

The walls of dogma are
They are made mostly
Of selfishness, greed,
Indifference, fake crede.

Those walls are real.
There’s barely enough
Space to sit or enjoy
The fresh air.

I’m contained
In my slummy room.
Barely enough space
To move,
A low connexion
And a released book
On the way to be sold…
Until then,
Taste of wind
In the dust,
Half awake
With hallucinations
That suddenly seem
To be true.
Firethief will be in
Trouble for a while,
As darkness is setting
On this household
I have lit up so many
They seem to have lost
The lighter…
All of them.
The cruel game
Goes on.


All rights reserved.2019.


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