Thank you mister J – K.B

Thank you mister J


We often disagreed,
You sent me off countless
But you are a master,
So much further than me
That I have hardship
To catch up.

Your experience is valuable,
Your orientation not mine
But God, I like you.

You look for truth
And taste all the poisons,
You get easily angry
And no one can get to you
But a word from you,
A kind word is worth
A millions meaningless

Master, forgive me for I have sinned,
That one is even bigger.
They don’t like eachother
And it hurts,

But Gosh, what a fire
They make !

And around a fire,
Everyone is friendly
To forget about
The dark night.

God shines in the sky
And your knoweldge soothe me.

Therefore , I’ll stick with you both
But in the end, I’ll choose God over
You. I’ll choose humanity too.

I’ll choose a supreme good
In my megalomania,
But sssh, they don’t have to know…




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