Far right – K.B


Far right



Far right won’t be
A poem, no, no,
Because it is far fetched.

On one side,
Muslims asleep,
The eternal battle of light
On the other .

Far right.
Le Pen,
The list is long.

Cough, cough
In your sleep
When there is light
Eventhough you are

Here are the idiots
Caught in their own
But over there,
There is the far right :
Ruthless nationalists,
Allergic to color
And diversity,
Spreading hate
And animosity,
Working on fears
And simple answers
To complicated

Here they are,
Preparing their
White Supremacy
Yet again ,
Of skilled communication
And marketing
That make them seem
More friendly.

I know where they come
From :
From the depth of fascism
And they haven’t forgotten
Their lesson,

Don’t be a jerk.

I know It’s hard to look
At that truth
But it’s true,
Waters won’t
Change their colors
Inside the core…. :

Normalized fascism
Before the great wars
That will ensue if they grow
Too powerful.

Italians in Modena
And Bologna,
I’m with you,
All struggles
Against what’s
Wrong are
The same….

As the economy
Is in a bad state
And fascism rising
A bit everywhere in Europe,
I’m concerned with
My future,

They may soon
Have the upper
Hand and put
Their plans
To execution…

A more refined
Version after
The Fuhrer
Lost the war.

They learn too…
Will we stand united
Against them,
And will they win
Another election?

The snake
Always waits
For the best moment
To bite,
And we ain’t prepared
At all…
They are.
Fight back,
March or write,
There is light,
Climate, and the far right…
So deeply wrong.


All rights reserved.2019.