Not really the cheerful kind – K. B

Not really the cheerful kind

Since I saw with my bare eyes
Sleep escapes
Love turned it’s back
I asked Allah for protection
Now I need strength for action
Pace yourself Karim, she kept
On saying and she was right.

Since I saw with my bare eyes
My keyboard is slippery
With fear and terror
Of losing a syllable
Or a spoken word
So is the night
Barely whispering
It’s secrets.

Since I saw with
My bare eyes
I’m losing direction
In all discretion
But not my fashion
To make lines out
Of nothingness.

Coz when I look at
My life
There is nothing,
Which makes of me
An inventor
Not a liar
Or a mentor.
Just  » Dors »
That’s french
For sleep
But my franchise
Is sky high
With God,
Not with men.

When the two
Will finally join
I’ll be happy.

In the meantime,
Sleep, Dors!

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.