A tiny taste of paradise – K. B

A tiny taste of paradise

O ye, all is ephemeral down here!
Sometimes, we get a taste of paradise
But the music is too drunk.

We dance and search for Eden,
The work of a lifetime!

But still we get a taste,

Between the shrew,
The benevolent friends,
And the free brother ;

I linger near a stream
And listen to a symphony,


Poetry took me at a young
Age and never gave me back!

To reach happiness,
We’ve gone through daily

Until exhausted,
We never saw it coming back,
The return I mean.

Therefore, I had to do good
While growing like a flower,
Men made their own hell,
Weirdos opened a gate,
Theophany rose awereness,
Let’s scream it out loud!

This song that is sensual,
Love and kindness at every

O soft voice!
What a lullaby!
After all suffering
Was sent down the gutter,
There came the manipulative
Shrew screaming at her door
Songs of insanity,
Rothshildian pressure boiling up,
Good bye,
Keep us in slavery!
While you take cocaine
On a soft butt
Until you smell
The day’s cream
But still I scream
So I be heard,

All fades out
At one point
But mercy
Is not out of reach!


All rights reserved. 2019.