Chronicle stress – K.B

And so weed imitates silence…


Chronicle stress
As silence is nothing
As silence is absence
It is worthless
But if you reach
That chronicle stress
New tastes
And new happiness
Are at the door
The constantly sollicited
Mind by noise
Makes me restless
And many others
Very few times,
I reach silence.
Silence inside,
Silence outside.
Strength in silence
Love in silence
But we ain’t got
Space on our hard drives.
Nevrosed, frustrated,
We remain.
The art of silence
Is what we need.
Or just, silence !
How many life courses
Changed just because
Of constant agitation
Around ! How many
Bad decisions were made !
In my restless state,
I know that only in silence
Can the mysteries
Be revealed towards
A better good.
Some have silence
But dislike it
Some need
But they don’t have it
Therefore disfunctioning
Obsessions take the upper hand
Some look for silence
Yogi class
Spiritual retreats
House in the country side
But what of me?
I don’t have any of those
The agitations spreads
And my mind starts shaking
In deep suffering…


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