Global hypocrisy – K. B

Global hypocrisy

A doc gives you meds
But pay him first
If you’re in bed
Howl as much
As you can
He won’t come

A shrink gives you counselling
But pay him first
If a bad news hits you in the face
And puts you on your knees
He won’t be there
Stay in bed and howl as much
As you can.

Mom has no money
But not for black
She’ll spend three days
Roaming the shops
While you haven’t eaten
For two days in a row
Call that whatever you
Call it
But just stay in bed
And howl as much
As you can

We could’ve thought,
What is left?
Silence, pure air, dreams,
But here is the last domino
That falls :
The penniless
And ever present dad.
When you wake up,
He kills the silence
When you dream
He puts the T. V louder
When you sleep
He comes knocking
To look for his everlost
Pastries and keys…
How is that not hell?
I wish I could be on my
But who and how will
The rent be paid?
Until then,
I’m « palely loitering »
Around the same
« The sedge has withered
From the lake and no birds
Sing ».

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.