Neverending game – K. B

Put aside the gross words, it remains a poem, not a swearing contest…Sorry If I. Offend… Frankly, I don’t mind.

The neverending game

Djinns, god, angels
Humans, kids, women,
Aliens, vampires,
Werewolves, faeries,
All real.

Boundless world,
World without boundery,
Each time I leave,
They slice a throat.

Each time I smoke,
They come on the screen.

Neverending game,
The mind never fully
A global burnout
Appeased by creams.

The  generous feels
The sting
While the greedy
Gets the prize.

Old songs, new songs
The war is raging
My penis is in jeopardy
Of sleeping forever.

Maybe I hurt her,
So she fleed.

Maybe I loved her,
So she fleed.

Maybe I wasn’t subtle enough,
So she fleed.

Therefore, no wind,
No God,
More suffering
Intense communion
With hell
Because the bottle
Was missing,

The one containing
Coffe to keep the strain.

After much negociation,
Pleasure was already gone
And the evening’s length
Doubled in a space of minutes.

They said idle time is the devil’s
Playtime. Well, I fill my days with idle

God sent angels
But the walking dildos
Have a new haircut.

Kiss on the cheek,
Lick the knobhead,
This ain’t no perversion
But the natural course
Of narcisim.

They said a reflection
In the lake,
I say walking dicks
And when the pussy
That was made a dick sees
No dick inside,

She steals power
And hegemony
Undercover of rights.

Be a cloth for your
Love, not a sheet
Of sadness,

Of abdicating
One’s desire
That flows only
When legitimate
And needed.

Real life,
Desire life,
What to choose
When the first
Is rough
And the latter
But sweet…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2019.