Complacency – K.B


My mind doesn’t want to comply
With this world, it is thus, it is thus…
I met proud and arrogant
Filthy women and no husbands
In sight,
Lonely children too,
Yeah sorry to insult.

But how with all this harmony
In nature, you fall so low,
So slow?

Every breath has a formula
Or a linew
O bright math and poetry
Of the universe!

And yet I suffer from
Being too radical
As I can’t add
Water to my wine…

The tavern taught
Me heat but I got hit.

And as I look for
A heartbeat
They beat.

Hey, Cosmic God,
Will you heighten
My prestige
And quality of life
Or leave me in dirt?

I contained myself from
Drinking, for your Sake,
Who else commands me?

Haven’t I shown enough
Science? Was I wrong
Or right the whole way?

I know what awaits me
In my daily suffering
And I don’t wanna lose
Please give me solace
Or peace!

K. B

All rights reserved.2019.