Ouighours – K.B

Ouighours are a muslim chinese minority being sent to « detention » camps for a so called reeducation to chinese values, they are forced to eat pork, women are forced sleep with chinese men. There is rape, torture and violence…and the world is watching silently. There’s not much I can do beside spreading the information…

There’s a a brave woman fighting for the safeguard of ouighours culture and identity, her name is Dilnur Reyhan. I found her contact on internet if anyone is interested in helping her :


Yours sincerely,

K. B

The poem.


Families separated
Children taken away
No fried chicken tonight
A meaningless soup
A new ethnical cleansing
On the way
A new holocaust
Targeting muslims
This time
What do the holocaust
Survivors say?
I’m not naive
We’re used to be cynical
And resign ourselves
« That is how the world goes… »

… As the fight for human rights
Is as always no match
For the economical

If your brother
Was hurt by someone,
Would you still trade
With that someone?

K. B

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