Sweet Lord Jesus – K. B

Sweet Lord Jesus

They took me by surprise
Because i preach
The good word
Not some solemn
Sermons to lecture
But good words
Like flowers in the mouth.
Like reverend Casey
They club me to death
With negativity
Until my mind gets
But with the help of God
I’ll win.
I learned that religion
Is doing good deeds
And being kind to one another
Not to brag about apocalypse
Feed on drama and tragedy
But are they truly aware
Of themselves in their
Normalised perversion,
Between casual racism
And narrow minds
Focused on paying
The bills while their kids
Are being sent to war?
I’ve met believers thinking
Highly of themselves
As heralds or reformers
But they mistreat all the
Living like no one,
They are rude,
Simple minded,
And living a normalised
Coz my ears tingle only
To the sound of pure good
In the day glory or the night prayers.

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.