Dogmatic rejection – K. B

Indifferent to the passing train..

Dogmatic rejection

They said he is a sinner
But no one tried to help
He had a passion for life
They looked at him with
Disgust, here comes
The depraved heretic.

They made a worship
Out of sadness
He decided to fill his days
With laughter.

At the first weakness
They got into him
And walked on his

At the first opening,
Their fists were ready.

He loved a woman
But too bright they were.

He spoke freely of Qur’an,
They took sticks out
So he’s hiding now.

He reached for the secret
Too soon like they say.

Getting the truth out,
Waves and tides
Grew warm and soft
While hords of men
And djinns were jealous
And sought vengeance.

Now, he’s got walls
As thick as a thumb up
And although winter is
Lengthy tomorrow will
Be a day of love,

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.