Money worm : a world with no money – K.B

Money worm : a world with no money

Give, receive, give, receive,
The good wheel of life is on
But pay, stay alone, doubt,
Suspicion, hate, jealousy,
That’s a world revolving around
I used to draw my power from
Dollar bills, I soon fell down
So I started thinking :
There’s water in the river,
Fruits on the trees,
But one day, a man came with
His boots and army and said :
This is mine.
And that’s when all our problems

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.


    1. Actually I’d rather go for an exchange of goods and daily things we use, but the more you work for money the less human you become, the more angry you get, it’s a poison that causes death, wars, sickness, I definitely won’t run after it and I wasn’t born rich either.. Cheers 😊


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