New century on my back- K. B

New century on my back 

This new century is trying to
Break us down
I gave in to the attraction of money
And bought too much of nicotine
At once.

I gotta keep my faith pure
And not give in,
One at a time in the hope
Of not tarnishing myself
Forever coz in the eyes of
God it counts to not give
In  to the bad stuff.

The crede is « if necessary »,
Superfluous luxury is a sin,
Take what you need
And He’ll provide.

Consume a lot,
And you’ll be lost.

Security is not to have
But to be,
Don’t give in
At any cost
Coz I missed
The point
And that’s all there is :
Not missing the truth
At any time,
As close as you can get
To it.

Fill your house with prayer
And laughter ;
We were made
To pray, share, and fight
Not as in hurting anybody
But as in taking the ascending
Elevator of oneself…

K. B

All rights reserved. 2020.