Teachings of brutality : the power of hate – K. B

Teachings of brutality : the power of hate

Once they get a dollar bill,
They forget about the endless
Hours where they hate and I listen

Not even a dinner to thank
Or going out.

They hate, they love on their own
While the bitch comes for dinner.

The moral pillar dies out,
Hours of therapy
For selfish people
Who in their joy
Feel no gratitude
Or any need to give back.

Keep loving,
You’ll soon be buried
Enjoy what’s left
In your fake religion.

I’ll have my share,
You’ll come begging
To a closed door
And a fist in your face.

Good company ain’t
That’s when the most valuable
Guy around is under served
For his benevolence.

Bitches become shrinks
Because of that.

Assholes suck while sipping.

They think I’m unaware.

Give a dollar,
Ouh, taboo, so hard to get
So rarely given out.

Cut your hand,
The blood of a prophet is
Boiling on the ground,

High spheres like drowning
In powder.

K. B

All rights reserved.2020.